Who we are


APE Srl offers services geared towards obtaining new customers and clients while increasing the loyalty of existing ones. This is what marketing should do. Does your marketing do it? If not, start here with us!

We’re on your side.
Specialised in marketing and communications, we are ready to explore the full range of possible solutions to find the one that will help you grow.
Our strongpoint is leading clients straight to their objective.
Whether the challenge is to strengthen brand identification, build product awareness, develop a website, produce a video, design and manage an e-learning platform or create an advertising campaign, you can count on us.



Assicurazioni Generali S.p.a.
Fadmedica S.r.l.
Jaka Congressi S.r.l.
Juranet S.r.l.
Società Italiana Chirurgia Obesità e Malattie Metaboliche
S.I.GLA Società Italiana Glaucoma
SIA - Società Italiana di Andrologia
Emilia Viaggi
OIC Meeting Solutions
EGA Professional Congress Organiser
ADIG Lazio
Anlaids Lazio
Triumph Group
MSD Italia
Allergan Italia
Abitare Bio
Lunica Costruzioni
Immobiliare San Pietro
Manta Ecologica
Cippà Trasporti Sa
Sanofi Pasteur MSD
Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH
Majelletta We
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