Marketing Services


A successful communications plan starts with an effective marketing strategy. APE knows this.

Modern-day communications is a game played on a vast field, calling for a range of focuses and specialised skills that can vary significantly. This often leads client organisations (companies, associations, government agencies etc.) to work with a variety of different specialists. In many cases, though these experts make tremendous efforts, they lack the coordination needed to come up with a single, unified story and tell it to potential or “latent” clients.

The result is instances of success that prove sporadic, or which are not read and analysed properly. Our team’s strongpoint is that it takes full responsibility for the coordination, serving as the communications broker that ensures the focus of the overall effort on the client.

Once the target audience has been identified and the communications objectives have been defined, APE gets to work:

  • obtaining whatever background information is needed through focussed market research
  • drawing up a strategy
  • determining the methods and tools to be used
  • drawing up the budget
  • planning the promotional mix
  • measuring the results achieved (evaluation of the effectiveness of the communication).
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